McDonald's is taking an idea from one of our favorite 90s TV shows and bringing it to life on their new breakfast menu.

Sure muffins are great, but you know you really only want the muffin top.

An idea that became popular with Elaine from Seinfeld only wanted to eat the muffin top is now coming to McDonald's.

I can't believe a fast food chain hasn't attempted this yet!

Muffin tops are definitely the best part of a muffin and McDonald's is adding what looks to be blueberry, double chocolate chip and lemon poppy seed 'topper' varieties to their menu, according to Bloomberg and the McDonald's website.

While there are no photos of the tops just yet, I imagine they look like, well, the top of muffins.

I actually own a muffin top pan, so if you want to make your own just let me know and you can borrow it.

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