Mayhem on Thanksgiving (aka: Black Friday). This is getting sad. Now that store have pushed their Black Friday shopping into the Thanksgiving holiday, it seems as if things are getting more heated.

WGN-TV reports that at a Wal-Mart in Michigan City, Ind., two shoppers got into a pushing match to get their hands on some Sony speakers and in Houston, police officers were called to a Wal-Mart there after customers fought over some televisions.

The good news is that no major or serious incidents of Black Friday fighting was reported in the Rockford Area

It seems that if you decide to venture out to save a few dollars on the busiest shopping day of the year, you potentially run the risk of taking your own life into your hands.

Black Friday MAYHEM Videos (WARNING: Language)

Black Friday Crowds fight at west coast Urban Outfitters as shoppers rush in to fight for deals

Black Friday Fight at a Wal-mart in Oakland over a Memory Card

At Target, man took a woman down over a TV (Must be 21 years of age or over to view)

I think I'll just stick to ordering on-line.