After decades of only showing upon store shelves around Easter, the iconic Marshmallow Peep has crossed the line beyond neon-colored chicks for other holidays and seasons. Check out these flavors.


Not only sugar treats, but also seasonal treats with Peep flavors of chocolate-covered, miniature, and watermelon-flavored sweets.

Now they're releasing three new Peeps in special fall flavors exclusive to Target and their own online shop: Caramel Apple, Pumpkin Spice, and Candy Corn. Each type is dipped in a hardened shell called "fudge."

William Thomas Cain, Getty Images

According to there is also a Caramel Apple Peep Chick dipped in caramel fudge.  For the most part, testers had nice things to say about this little green guy, and all of them properly identified the flavor.

The Pumpkin Spice Peep, dipped in white fudge, didn't fair as well.

Lastly, the speckled Candy Corn Peep, which is also dipped in white fudge, received little respect.

Peeps are unique in that every person seems to taste them differently. Some enjoy Peeps when they're hard and crusty by letting them go way past their expiration date. I like mine over a bonfire with chocolate. OK, in the form of a s'more,

William Thomas Cain, Getty Images

Some don;t like them at all, except in the microwave exploding when baked.

No matter which way, these new Peeps will be in Target stores this month, and online by August 31.

Happy Peep Eating.