If you are looking for some extra entertainment, you need to look no further than Rockford City Hall

What the heck is going on at an official Rockford government gathering? It's called 'public comment' and Illinois law requires all public government bodies to all citizens to attend and comment during meetings. Rockford city council allows individuals up to three minutes to provide their input on issues or whatever is on their mind. Usually, participants will use the time to provide input important issues, taxes and government operations.

Some have different ideas. Take the case of Roland Poska, who, according to the Rockford Register Star, went a little over board at the Rockford City Council Finance Committee Meeting on August 8th.

Poska, after he spoke before the committee, tapped another speaker in the back with a golf club. The other speaker, Toby Haldeman, complained that Poksa tapped him in the back during public comment.

The incident, captured on video, can be seen here 14 minutes into the video.

In case you are wondering, the doll that Haldeman is holding is referred to as "Hillary Clinocchio", a reference to Hilliary Clinton and Pinocchio, hence the long nose.

Since Poska made physical contact with Haldeman, he has been banned from City Hall until September 14th according to the Rockford Register Star.

Who knew Rockford government meetings could be so much fun to watch. All Rockford meetings are recorded and posted on the City Of Rockford's official website.



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