Back in 2018, Rockford introduced Lime Bikes to the city, with mixed results (depending on which opinions you're listening to), now the City of Rockford planning and development committee has approved a pilot program for scooters.

Monday night's vote was close, but by a 3-2 margin the agreement with Bird Scooters, an electric scooter rental service, passed through committee. Next up is getting the agreement approved by a full city council vote.

Speaking of the Rockford City Council, the WROK Morning Show's favorite alderman, 3rd Ward Alderman Chad Tuneberg, joined the show on Wednesday to field some of our questions.

One of the first things we wanted to know, being taxpayers here in Rockford, is how much this pilot program, and eventually the full roll-out of scooters would cost us. Alderman Tuneberg gave the best of all possible answers to that question: "Not a penny of capital from the City of Rockford. This is a pilot program."

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We also wanted to know about the possible restrictions involved in renting a Bird Scooter here in Rockford and where people would be allowed to use them. Chad told us that the agreed-upon proposal would restrict use of the scooters to certain areas of the city, allowed on streets, bike paths, and bike lanes--but not on sidewalks.

What happens if you take one of the scooters someplace that isn't within the set boundaries? Chad explained that each scooter is equipped with a GPS, and that the scooter will slow down and then shut down if it's taken beyond the agreed boundaries. Also, ridership is restricted to those 18 years old and older.

Listen in as Rockford Alderman Chad Tuneberg tells us more about how the Bird Scooter pilot program will work here in Rockford:


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