I guess this is one way to get your family to stop trying to fix you up or asking if you've met anyone special over the holidays. Is this brilliant, or too extreme? You tell me...

25-year-old college student Josh Brassow from Saginaw, Michigan came up with the perfect plan to freak his entire family out this Christmas, and I think it is absolutely hilarious! He hired complete strangers to pose as his new pregnant wife and step-sons, and the result turned out even better than he thought it would. Shortly after posting this image to his Facebook page it went viral, causing Brassow to remove it out of fear that it would ruin the special family surprise. Thank goodness the website imgur.com was able to share it before it was lost to internet oblivion.


Follow up to previous post

After reading this story I can't help but wonder how much of Josh Brassow's college life is bankrolled by his parents? I'm betting whatever money they do contribute comes to end very quick if he has enough extra cash to pull off a prank like this. LOL!