While shopping recently I saw something similar to this in a store, and I thought, "Heck, I can make that!" I promise you, even the most un-crafty person can do this and it will turn out looking fabulous. Plus, if you're a smart shopper you can pull it off for less than $20! (Thank you half-off Christmas sale at Hobby Lobby)

It's no secret that I love me some handmade gifts. I enjoy making them, I enjoy giving them, and the people that receive them usually seem to enjoy them which always makes me smile. The thing I love most about this project is not just that it is super easy, but that you can jazz up the background as much as you want to. Surprisingly I went with the less is more approach for mine, and this never usually happens, but I think it works in this case




Bonus Video: DIY Santa Tulle Wreath