For Thanksgiving this year my family has tasked me with bringing the salad. Kinda feel like this is one step up from "bring the ice or rolls"...a.k.a. you can't cook, but I do not care. As I strolled into Aldi yesterday to get the fixings for my husband's famous "Lino's Knockoff Salad", I came upon a startling revelation....there was no romaine lettuce in the store. I usually go for the Italian mix salad bags, and when I couldn't find it I remembered, Italian mix has romaine lettuce in it, and romaine lettuce is back on the no fly list again.

In fact, several Thanksgiving meal ingredients have been recalled lately, so I think we all need to double check this list to make sure we aren't serving any of them in our feast tomorrow:

  • Romaine lettuce - Romaine from Salinas, California has been recalled nationwide over E. coli contamination.
  • Raw Pork Products - Morris Meat Packing in Maywood, IL has recalled 515,000 pounds of various raw, intact pork products. See the complete list of products here.
  • Breakstone's Cottage Cheese - Three different varieties of Breakstone's Cottage Cheese have been recalled over possible metal and plastic contamination.
  • Cheese Nips - (Hopefully this was planned as an appetizer/post-meal snack, and not a main-course offering, LOL!) 11 oz. boxes of Cheese Nips with 'best by" dates of May 18, 19 or 20, 2020 have been recalled over possible plastic contamination.
  • Blackberries - An outbreak of hepatitis A in Indiana, Nebraska and Wisconsin has been "potentially linked" to blackberries from the Fresh Thyme chain of grocery stores.

Maybe serving the Pringles Turdunken chips for Thanksgiving this year wasn't such a bad idea after all.

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