Luke Combs likes to chug beer on stage. Dierks Bentley likes to chug beer on stage. It's obvious who's faster, but who does it with more flare?

"Rival" singers Lanco posed the challenge during the 2019 Taste of Country Music Festival when talking about their two most recent touring partners. Having just finished with Combs on the Beer Never Broke My Heart Tour and having toured in with Bentley earlier in 2019, vocalist Brandon Lancaster and friends got to see plenty of suds busted.

"Him (Combs) and Dierks should challenge each other in a shotgun competition," the singer says.

"That'd be a great idea," drummer Tripp Howell adds.

Game on, fellas.

Taste of Country found clips of both singers shotgunning beers onstage and backstage and learned that each have a unique style. When he's right, the "Beer Never Broke My Heart" singer sips from the side of the can, taking three clear gulps before dropping his empty can.

Bentley tips it on back with two hands and flings the can — it's the country equivalent of a bat flip in Major League Baseball.

Faster? Combs.

More style? Bentley.

Better? That's up to you. Vote in the comments section below or within the YouTube video.

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