Backstage just before officially becoming a member of the Grand Ole Opry in July, Luke Combs took a moment to reflect. Looking at his career so far, the country star explained the best parts of success, and revealed the parts of his life that he's struggled with, too.

"Being able to realize a lot of dreams I had when I first moved to Nashville five years ago has been the coolest part," Combs shares. "We got to play Bridgestone [Arena in Nashville] with [Jason] Aldean, and now we've got two shows coming through this December. Playing my first amphitheater, my first arena and doing my first headlining tour ..."

Even better than realizing those goals, the singer adds, is being able to celebrate them with the people he loves. "I think sharing those moments with people [is] what really resonates with me," Combs continues. "It's not me being in that moment, or me being the person onstage -- It's getting to have my grandmother there for those experiences. Getting to have my management team there, my friends there, people I went to college with. Getting to do all those things with all those people has been the best part of it for me."

Of course, some pieces of life in the music industry have been difficult: "The hardest part has definitely been getting used to the fame part of it," Combs admits. "I'm not really a flashy [guy]. I didn't love to go out to bars, didn't love to do this or that, I just loved writing songs and playing those songs for people who loved to hear 'em."

His reverence and love for the songwriting process, and for the experience of sharing that with listeners, is part of the reason why Combs was so honored to become a member of the Grand Ole Opry. "I have an opportunity to continue to share my songs with people for the rest of my life, and I think that's a really awesome thing, and a really important thing to me," he relates.

"Definitely, coping with the fame has been the hardest part," Combs reiterates, but he quickly adds that it's all worth it. "The positives outweigh the negatives, a thousand times over."

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