After nearly 15 years of being married to country superstar Luke Bryan, the singer's wife Caroline has seen it all. These days, Bryan is one of the genre's biggest, most successful names, but in the early days of his career, Caroline was the one who paid the bills — and she wasn't scared of taking less glamorous jobs in order to scrape by.

"I was a drug rep, in Georgia," she explains with a laugh in a new guest appearance on the podcast Uncut With Jay Cutler. "Oh my gosh, I've sold so many drugs. The best one is that I sold Cialis, and that is the easiest drug to ever [sell.]"

For those unfamiliar, Cialis is a medication often used to treat erectile dysfunction. "I made a lot of money off that," Caroline remarks, adding that she kept that job until the couple's now-teenage son Bo was five months old. "I paid the bills for a while, because Luke wasn't making money."

Even during those days, before his music career got off the ground, Caroline says she was always confident that Bryan would eventually find success. "I never doubted him once. He doubted himself sometimes," she says. "He's Luke! I knew that he could do it."

These days, Bryan has more than made it in country music: He's one of the biggest stars in country, with a fanbase that loves his trademark booty-shaking as much as his songs. And while Caroline admits that she's had to draw the line with handsy fans a couple of times, she says that on the whole, she doesn't mind being married to a country music sex symbol.

"Luke's ass and his ass-shaking has made us a lot of money, so I'm not gonna ... I'm not worried about it," she admits. "It comes with the territory. I knew that, girls — you know, as long as they're respectful, then whatever."

Bryan and Caroline also recently opened up about their life together in Luke Bryan: My Dirt Road Diary, a five-part docu-series that aired in August via Amazon's free streaming service, IMDB TV.

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