Luke Bryan slammed beer, did a tequila shot, and showed off his undies. Seriously. You can thank me later ladies if you missed this yesterday.

Sounds like a drunken Spring Break party, but it was actually Luke Bryan's stop at The Ellen Degeneres Show yesterday. He was supposed to be there talking about the Academy of Country Music Awards, but instead he gets drunk and take his clothes off?

Ok, not really, but he did do a great job of showing why he is a great choice for ACM Entertainer of the Year. (Don't forget you can still vote for your favorite through Sunday at

The party starts with a beer chugging competition followed by some shots...

I guess Tequila really does make your clothes fall off...kinda.


So excited to see what kind of trouble Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton get into as they co-host the ACM's this Sunday night live from Vegas starting at 7pm on CBS!