Luke Bryan is still at it with his highly entertaining 2014 ACM Awards videos, which encourage fans to vote for the singer's Entertainer of the Year nomination. This time, instead of crashing a birthday party or a wedding, he crashes another event -- the big football game.

In his newest video, there's a bunch of hungry guys gathered at Bryan's house, and what's the point of a great football game without some great food to go along with it? Pizza, wings, beer -- that's where it's at. However, Bryan isn't tracking with the usual game-time food.

As his friends talk about how ravenous they're feeling, the 'Drink a Beer' singer appears wearing an apron and carrying a big tray of food covered with a white linen napkin. He lifts it up to reveal the massive spread ... and instead of a pile of fried cheese sticks or nachos, it's a (very) small cheese plate.

Bryan's friends look crestfallen, but the 'Crash My Party' hitmaker is not deterred. He advises, "Go easy on the goat cheese, boys. It's a little tangy," adding, "White wine spritzers on the way! Bon appetit!"

Along with a nomination for Entertainer of the Year, the country star is also up for Male Vocalist of the Year and Album of the Year for ‘Crash My Party.’ Don’t miss the 2014 ACMs, airing Sunday, April 6 at 8PM ET on CBS. You can vote for the ACM EoY here.