Just like a chapter from 101 Dalmatians, three year old Snowy, a Great Dane, was preparing to give birth for the first time last month. A normal litter is around eight puppies. Instead, Snowy gave birth to 19 pups. See them here.


According to TODAY.com, the owner said "I was expecting maybe eight, and usually the runts wind up not making it, so, I was preparing myself to lose one". “But 19?”

Three weeks later, all 19 unnamed puppies appear to be happy and healthy at their home in York Haven, Pennsylvania.All their eyes have just opened and they’re exploring and playing with each other.

The owners had to make schedule adjustments to care for the "companions".

Brandon Terry Photo

It’s starting to get crazy. According to the family, this week they’re starting to break loose. Feeding them is a challenge. You’ve got to watch where you step and all around you.

The Terry family plans to keep one of the 19 puppies, while the remaining eight females and 10 males are going to have to find new homes.