Well New years Eve is almost here. A time for us to say goodbye to the old year and celebrate the beginning of the new. There are always so many different events going on for New years Eve and most of them are at bars or large parties and usually there's lots of alcohol involved. While its all well and fun, you can bet the Rockford police department knows what's going on.

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In most cities you will find "Sobriety" or DUI Checkpoints scattered around town. Officers do their best to make sure the roads stay as safe as they can and they keep a close eye for anyone that might be drinking and driving. Needless to say if you get caught drinking and driving you're gonna pay for it big time.

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First time offenders face a minimum of losing their license for a year. You can also face up to a year in prison and the maximum fine is $2,000 bucks. But if you get caught for an aggravated DUI, it's going to be a lot worse. Along with losing your driving privileges for a year you might spend up to 12 years in prison. If you end up going to a bar or big New years Eve party make sure that you designate a driver or take a taxi or an Uber to make sure you get home safely without having to spend the night in a cell.