We're only a few days out from the two tornadoes that touched down in Rockford Monday afternoon. One of those 'naders topped out at 100 miles per hour and wreaked havoc on nature and structures, including Blain's Farm & Fleet in Loves Park.

Here's a recap of that second tornado's path.

Two Tornadoes Touched Down in Rockford During Monday's Storm
US National Weather Service Chicago Illinois via Facebook

The visual proof of this tornado is evident over a huge chunk of the Rockford area. Rock Valley College had reportedly taken the biggest hit, uprooting dozens of trees, shattered windows from flying debris, signs knocked down, and more.

It was pretty surreal to drive by and seeing what appeared to be the exact path of the tornado started nears the lagoon and moving northeast. Thankfully, no serious injuries or fatalities were reported in connection with this storm. The structural damages though, holy cow. Trees lying on houses, entire fences torn apart, trees and massive branches lying on top of vehicles, and siding and roof shingles being torn off.

Blain's Farm & Fleet in Loves Park (near East Riverside Blvd. and I-90) got hit hard. The damage is devastating. After looking at this photo of inside the store it's incredible that nobody was hurt.

You better believe the tornado sirens and awesome work by our teams of tv meteorologists are responsible for the lack of injuries and fatalities that did not occur as a result of this storm.

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