The artists of #LetTheGirlsPlay paid tribute to both country and pop during a recent Monday night Song Suffragettes show, re-arranging songs from Little Big Town and Lorde into a very clever mashup.

The lineup for the show expanded to eight on March 13 at the Listening Room in Music City when the four women of South Haven joined Jordyn Stoddard, Chloe Gilligan, Kalie Shorr and Madison Kozak onstage for the performance. Kozak gets things started on acoustic guitar, sketching out the chords to LBT's "Boondocks" and mashing that up with the first verse of Lorde's "Royals" while Shorr and the other women join in for the background vocals. Gilligan takes the first chorus of "Boondocks," and Shorr sings the second verse of "Royals" followed by South Haven on the second chorus.

Stoddard gets her turn at the mic as well, with the arrangement continuing in that vein, switching between the two seemingly unrelated songs so seamlessly that if the audience members didn't know both songs, they could have just as easily thought it was one continuous song they were hearing.

Those kinds of special musical moments are common at the Monday night shows, which provide a showcase for Nashville's strongest young female singer-songwriters. They share their new songs and then come together for a group cover each Monday to round out each show. The exposure from the LTGP movement has been working, too.

Shorr is just one example of an artist whose association with the show led to other opportunities, including her selection recently as one of Taste of Country's 2017 RISERS. We recently rolled out an exclusive interview and performance of her new single, "Nothin' New," and we'll be revealing more exclusive content coming up, as well as following her journey throughout the rest of the year.

Kim Paige is Taste of Country's featured #LetTheGirlsPlay artist for March.

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