Image Source Pink,ThinkStock
Image Source Pink,ThinkStock

It's time to celebrate!

It's my one year anniversary as part of the Q98.5 family!

Wow! Does time ever fly by?!

I've had so much fun and enjoying getting to talk to you guys everyday. If I didn't get my talk out I'd surely explode. Thank you for letting me be a part of your day.

Seeing that it is my anniversary, I need to go buy myself something. I don't know if you do that for yourself, but I do. Whenever I have a milestone day, I buy myself a gift.

So what is the traditional gift I should buy for a one year anniversary? According to that gift is Paper.

Paper? Well that can be stationary, framed pictures, books, board games, tickets (to concerts, movies, sporting events, etc.). Those are alright I guess, but I was thinking something different.

If I go the modern route it would be a clock or a time piece of some sort. You know my watch broke over 2 years ago and I've never replaced it. Hmmm. Maybe I'll go get a really nice watch for myself.

Now if I wasn't part of the Q98.5 family I would go on line and sign up for the Q98.5 Anniversary Club. Every Friday the Wake-Up Crew draws a winner to receive some pampering from Asha Salon Spa at the District of Cherryvale Mall. I can't sign up but you certainly can. Here's the link: Q98.5 Anniversary Club.




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