Do you give quotes over the phone?

Do I save money purchasing through a dealer or broker?
Yes, all jewelry stores get their gemstones and diamonds through a dealer or broker - cut out the middle man and come straight to the dealer or broker!

Do you offer financing?
Yes, Interest Free Financing!

What is the best way to start this process?
Call our office to tell Anthony Alexander about your needs and wants for creating your jewelry piece. From there, we will set up an appointment…..

Why Certification?
Especially in today's environment, you need not take anyone's word for the quality of a diamond. Everything is based on the "Four C's." The slightest deviation in a grade can make a difference of hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the diamond.

Why GIA?
The Gemological Institution of America (GIA) is the worlds foremost nonprofit institute of gemological research and education. GIA is also known for developing the famous "Four C's," the methodology of grading diamonds. Trusted by jewelers and consumers alike, GIA reports (certificates) represent the highest standard of reliability, consistency and integrity.

Why an office versus a jewelry store?
For us to hold a large inventory of jewelry is a tremendous expense that gets passed on to the consumer. We’d rather build a piece especially for you