Sure it's cold, but don't pull a Michelle and do this next time your hand is freezing.

I promise I'm not an idiot, but sometimes I'm just not sure what I'm thinking.

While I wasn't planning on mentioning this... I feel I must... I was on the phone with my mom when I did this yesterday and asked her if it was ok to put the glove in the microwave for five seconds.

My mother, who has a degree in clothing and textiles, told me that it would be ok to try this... for five seconds.

Clearly, this was a bad idea. It smelled awful and I thought I might have to call 9-1-1 after four seconds.

Thankfully, fans and water helped me, but now I need to know why this happened and why just one finger?

Was it the fabric?

Was it because these gloves were from Old Navy and only cost a dollar? No knocking Old Navy... I'm sure they didn't expect me to microwave my glove.

Or was it because this glove was dirty and maybe had something on the finger that burnt.

I am trying to not experiment by microwaving additional gloves.

I am asking for your help.

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