I just found out about an interesting way to tour Rockford, learn about it's history and well get exercise too! You'll do this all on your bike.

I just found out that this past Saturday, July 29th, the River District Association held a Rise and Shine Tour.

WREX reported that the Rise and Shine Tour is a way for individuals to bike around Rockford and learn about it's history. The tour starts "at city hall, [and] riders make their way through downtown, learning about different landmarks along the way."

The tour was dedicated to a long time advocate and promoter of revitalizing the city' downtown area, Steve Zimmerman. According to Leah Tuneberg, River District Association Executive Director, Steve wanted "to see downtown Rockford grow and thrive and prosper." 

Wow! I didn't know we had something like this in the City did you?

The next Rise and Shine Tour will be Saturday September 9th, if you're interested in going.

Hmmm... I think I either need to dust off my old 10-speed or well maybe just get myself a new bike for the next go around.  Seeing I haven't ridden that 10-speed since high school (I think) and I bought it when I was 13. Yeah that could almost be a relic to sight see on this tour. Hahaha!

To learn more about the Rise and Shine Tour or other events that the River District Association has planned, click here.


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