Wow! Christmas is this week!

Are you sure you got something for everyone on your list? You better double check.

It's happened to me that I forgot to get someone something. Then I frantically run out to find a gift.

But no worries,there's an App for that last minute gift.

If you haven't time to run back out to the store or really do not want to fight the crowds and ever growing checkout lines, Verizon to the rescue.

Verizon is offering it's customers an opportunity to give anyone you wish on your list a Starbucks gift card. The card is sent and received via text message.

Wow! Now that comes in quite handy. I mean who doesn't like coffee, cocoa or even tea. Heck! You can even use this purchasing muffins,cookies, their music ( I love the music they play in Starbucks), or other trinkets they have available.

Thanks Verizon! Hmm, just in case, I need to see what Sprint, my carrier, offers??