Believe it or not, there still some people in Illinois who only have a landline phone. As of July 1st, that service may end.

The time to 'cut the cord' may soon become a reality in Illinois, if Governor Rauner signs a bill that passed both the Illinois House and Senate this week that would give AT&T the authority to end it's traditional landline service. Currently, 1.2 million Illinois customers still use AT & T's landline service.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the Telecommunications Modernization Act would affect a lot of elderly residents of Illinois. The AARP is opposed to the legislation, as they are concerned that a large number of elderly people in Illinois could be "left behind."

One area of particular concern to seniors is 911 calling. In addition, some medical monitoring devices and home alarm systems work only on traditional landlines.

I still recall how long it took me to convince my mom and dad to get a cell phone. Despite having one, they still used the house phone 90% of the time.

The law, as of yet, has not been signed by Governor Rauner. AT&T would also have to get FCC approval before it discontinues service. Also, before the disconnect could take place, AT&T would be required to notify it's remaining customers.

AT&T says it is aiming it's focus on wireless and other technologies.

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