Jay Cutler has had his fair share of enemies along the way. It appears former teammates will not be one of them.

I've always felt that Jay never got a fair shake from Bear fans. It all began when he sat out the second half of the NFC Championship game with an MCL sprain. If he would have just been on crutches or not come out of the tunnel I think his legacy would have been quite different in the city of Chicago.

His main problem is that he has a serious case or RJF (Resting Jerk Face.) He just doesn't seem likable at first blush. Add that to the notorious "Don't Care" story and you have a guy that is easy to hate by the general public.

But then you take a look at what teammates have to say about the guy and it's a totally different story. Kyle Long isn't one to make things up and it sounds like he would go to war for Jay.

Either way you look at it Jay's 8 years in Chicago will be considered a bust and a waste of what was easily the best quarterback in the Bears' modern history.

The Mike Glennon era begins today. Let's hope his teammates like him as much as they did the old guy.

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