This video is strange and beautiful, as one writer described KB's batting practice at Wrigley. The Cubs' new lead off man knocks a couple into the bleachers.

MLB Opening Day 2020 cannot come fast enough. I'm making myself believe that we will be treated to something incredibly special. This country is going through so many painful things right now and I feel like some baseball might bring a pretty good feeling, even if it's temporary.

While I wish I could be inside the friendly confines of Wrigley Field for some games this season, I think I'm going to like hearing homers bounce around the bleachers.

Enjoy lead off man, Kris Bryant, taking some batting practice and hitting a couple into the bleachers. You might like those sounds too. Cubs reporter, Jordan Bastian, thank you for the video. We're going to be counting on a lot more of these videos from you.


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