.Is this for real?

I wish I could say this was a hoax and a made up story, but it isn't.

WGN shares that over past weekend several home owners in Tinely Park found gravel weighed plastic bags with KKK fliers inside them outside of their houses.

The fliers stated that “White pride doesn’t mean hate” and to "encourages whites to stand up for their rights and to be proud of their race and culture." 

At the bottom of the paper there was a phone left for citizens to call, presumably for information I'm guessing. However, the number lead to a voice mail.

Police say that because the fliers didn't make any threats to or targeted certain homeowners there will be no "formal investigation" at this time.


This honestly freaks me out.

Just seeing the pictures of someone in Clan garb (like above) is unsettling. Let alone to think about being one of those home owners finding a flier like that outside of their home. It makes my skin crawl.

No matter what the intention was for the person or persons putting these fliers out this is a serious matter. As this group was built on hate for races. It's steeped  in creating and instilling fear among people who are deemed "different".

I really hope that the flier was nothing more than just a flier that can be tossed in the trash.

Yet, at the same time, I hope the police are keeping a cautious eye on this and can prevent any destructive activity that could occur in Tinley Park.

If it happened there it could happen here in Rockford too.



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