If the Cadillac Three ever go looking for a new singer, they won't have to look any further than Kip Moore!

Moore shared his impression of TC3 singer Jaren Johnston backstage at the 2017 Taste of Country Music Festival at Hunter Mountain in New York in early June, and it turns out that in addition to being a great singer in his own right, the "More Girls Like You" singer is also a talented mimic.

"I can do a little Jaren Johnston," Moore replied without hesitation when asked if he does any impersonations, then launched into "She stole my heart ... " in a hilarious likeness of Johnston's uniquely distinctive twang.

He's not too sure of the lyrics to "White Lightning," though, faltering by singing, "Faster than a ..." before trailing off into unintelligible mumbling with a smile, picking it up again to finish, "I saw white lightning."

Moore was one of nine country stars Taste of Country caught up with backstage at the festival to ask for their best celebrity impressions. We posted some of the standouts with their faces not visible in a video on Wednesday (June 28), and on Thursday (June 29) we revealed that it was none other than Jason Aldean offering up his impression of his good buddy Luke Bryan.

Other country star impressions included impersonations of Aldean, Shakira, Bill Clinton and Harry Carey. ToC will be rolling out some of the other impressions over the next few days.

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