Kenny Chesney hit the beach for a very special one-time-only concert earlier this year, but don't worry if you missed it, because he's bringing it to television.

The country superstar performed a concert on the beach at the Flora-Bama, a famous bar at the Florida/Alabama line, to give fans a sneak preview of his latest album, 'The Big Revival,' in his only full live show of 2014. The 32-song performance lasted two-and-a-half hours, drawing more than 40,000 people, and now Chesney has immortalized that special day with a new live concert video that CMT will air beginning Nov. 14.

“During the soundchecks, I knew this was one of those times ... I knew we were gonna want to have the memory forever,” Chesney explains. “But I didn’t know it was going to turn out the way that it did. Over 40,000 from New Hampshire, Alaska, Texas and all over made their way to the Alabama-Florida line on very short notice; for everyone who wanted to come and couldn’t get a wrist band ... or sort out their schedules ... this is for you!”

CMT will begin airing the video for 'Flora-Bama' exclusively on Nov. 7. The song celebrates the beach package store and lounge and its laid-back atmosphere.

“I always thought ‘Flora-Bama’ was one of those songs people will know and sing, live and breathe whether it’s a single or not,” Chesney says. “I’ve been told ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ wasn’t a single, either, but everyone knows it. To me, you honor that ... I mean, when those people kicked in and started singing ‘Flora-Bama’ back to me there on the beach, which hit me in the heart. So ... unconventional? Yes. But worth doing? Absolutely.”

The first single from 'The Big Revivial,' 'American Kids,' reached No. 1 and was certified Platinum. As the new single, 'Til It's Gone,' climbs the charts, Chesney is gearing up for his return to the road in 2015 on the Big Revival Tour.

“For a year off, I’ve been plenty busy," he admits. "I love that the fans who weren’t able to be there get to share the Flora-Bama-Jama with us. Until we get back out on the road in 2015, it’s the next best thing – and a helluva good time was had by all. Now you can join in, too.”

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