In advance of her new album Unapologetically, Kelsea Ballerini has shared "High School," another one of the record's new songs. Readers can press play above to watch an acoustic performance video for the song.

Ballerini wrote "High School" by herself and has been playing the song live for quite some time now. She tells Time the song was the first one she wrote for Unapologetically, and that it was inspired by a trip back home.

"I think sometimes when you go back to your hometown after your life has changed so much, you realize that some things don't change — and some things do. And I was one of the things that did," Ballerini says. "Part of that was really bitter, and part of that was really sweet. I think it was just one of those songs where I realized that I'd changed a lot."

The lyrics of "High School" talk about a boy and a girl who were in a relationship in high school: "He's still driving that 1970 hand-me-down truck / And he's still wearing that red-and-black jersey, just waiting for the band to start up / He's still showing up 20 late, finding hearts and rules to break," while she's "traded in prom queen for a big-city dream / And a slate that's clean."

"This ain't high school / Where all you care about is if the pretty cheerleader thinks you're cool," Ballerini sings in the chorus of "High School." "'Cause it's five years later, and you can't get off of the elevator / That's going up, 'cause you're growing up / And the world gets cruel ..."

Although the lyrics of "High School" are about a boy, Ballerini says the song "[is] not necessarily about the boy that the song is referring to; it's about that moment when you realize you've outgrown your young self. You've changed, and you've evolved, and you don't fit somewhere anymore."

"High School" is one of 12 songs on Unapologetically, which is due out on Nov. 3.

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