Hailing from his 'Fuse' album, Keith Urban's 'Somewhere in My Car' lyric video is a moody and melancholy backdrop to an uptempo song.

The lyric video perfectly captures the lyrics "But in my mind, we're somewhere in my car /
And it's raining hard on the streetlight glow." Raindrops against the car windows, blurred streetlights and a dark night set the scene. Sounds pretty dreary, right?

However, the song is so upbeat, the video is a visual reminder that although 'Somewhere in My Car' sounds like a summertime jam, there's heartache and regret behind the words.

The song's lyrics are scrawled in a white font against the nighttime images. At the very end, the title of the song is written in the a steamy window -- the car window, perhaps, or maybe the windshield.

There isn't a lot of glitz or glamor portrayed in Urban's 'Somewhere in My Car' lyric video, but the passionate lyrics speak for themselves, with the clip helping set the tone.