Despite singing drastically different music, future tourmates Katy Perry and Kacey Musgraves are becoming fast friends. They have a lot of respect for each other and seem to have a lot in common. The two genuinely enjoy each other's music and songwriting as well.

“When I first heard Kacey’s song ‘Merry Go Round,’… I instantly connected with her,” Perry says of the up-and-coming singer. “She struck a chord in me, and with my own songs, I always try to strike that same chord in everyone else.”

Musgraves seems to share the same affections towards Perry. She says the two share a lot more than most people would think. “I think [we're] a cool pairing because we’re both very whimsical in our own ways, but I think at heart we’re both songwriters and I think that’s really cool."

They've become friends since they filmed the upcoming 'CMT Crossroads' special together. Musgraves joined Perry for a song that was supposed to be on Perry's album, 'Prism,' even though it didn't make the album's final cut. Now that they'll be embarking on Perry's Prismatic World Tour together, they'll be getting even closer.

The two women have gotten so close that Perry has even seen Musgraves naked "a couple of times." She also says that it probably won't be the last time it happens. They'll be getting even closer while they perform a few duets they have in store for the tour.

“For me, you could just put all your songs in a hat and just grab any of them and I would love to f–ing sing any of them,” Musgraves said to Perry. "We’re doing that on tour,” Perry says. 'CMT Crossroads' with Perry and Musgraves will air June 13.