Its no big surprise that this post was coming today. After a 14 year old child reportedly shot at two Rockford Police officers, something needed to be said. In 2019 alone, 31 juveniles have been charged with violent crimes in the Rockford area. Last year, they charged 33 juveniles for violent crimes but that was from the whole year. Here we are only 7 months into 2019 and we're almost already there according to

Rockford Police Chief Dan O'Shea said " This is one statistic that's going the wrong way and we're only at July 23rd." O'Shea also went on to say," Police just want to make it home at the end of their shift keeping the city safe as well as themselves. Last Night a 14 year old male armed with a gun jeopardized that."  The investigation into that incident is still on-going. Something really has to be done, and you know as well as I do, this needs to start at home with parents being a little more mindful about what their children are up to. Starting to teach them right from wrong is not a bad start.

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