After this season's finale of ABC's "The Bachelor," Juan Pablo is quite the unpopular man. He didn't say "I Love You," he didn't pop the question, and he is refusing to do any further publicity for the show. So, my question for you now is this....what the heck is this video?

As you probably know, Steve Summers is the resident "Bachelor" fanatic here at Q98.5. (He blames all the women in his house for this) I quit really watching the show after the first few seasons. They never picked the woman I want them to, and that was frustrating to me. (I know, it's sad things like this get under my skin) Juan Pablo though, intrigues me. Maybe it's because his reputation is such a train wreck right now that I want to see how, or if, he repairs it. Then I hear about this video. It's either his version of damage control, or an actual declaration of love for Nikki. What do you think?

Personally, I do find it kinda sweet, but if I was Nikki, I would still proceed with caution. Just sayin'.

Anyone want to place bets on when the shocking (insert sarcasm here) news that Juan Pablo and Nikki broke up gets released?