When I was a kid the happiest place I could ever be was at a theme park. I grew up in Houston so every summer my father was load us all up into the car and head to Astro World. Its closed now but it was an amazing Six Flags park filled with awesome roller coasters. Now that my mother and father have passed away, every time I go to one of these parks it just takes me back. This time we were able to sneak in and ride the new Maxx Force Coaster before anyone else. This triple record breaking coaster was super fun and crazy fast.

So July 2nd, was my first full experience of Great America and I have to say that it did not disappoint. We stayed for most of the day and I got to ride about 10 different coasters. Besides the Maxx Force Coaster my other favorites were Batman, Superman and X-Flight. The park was super clean and the employees were very accommodating. If you're looking for a super fun, family friendly adventure then Six Flags Great America is right up your alley. Check out the video for the New Maxx Force coaster and see why they put me on the radio instead of TV.

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