When Jimmie Allen steps onto the grand stage of the 30th season of Dancing With the Stars on Monday night (Sept. 20), don't be too concerned if he's sporting a bit of a limp.

“My leg was hurting for a little bit,” the reigning ACM New Male Artist of the Year admits during an interview in the days leading up to his big Dancing debut. “I got muscles I ain't never heard of, but it’s cool. The thing is, I started stretching a lot more, so it's all groovy now.”

Indeed, in true Allen fashion, the live premiere of the long-running TV dance competition doesn’t seem to be bothering the country music star too much — even though he's heard rumblings about a viewing party that'll be taking place at a moose lodge in his home state of Delaware and, therefore, knows quite a few family members, friends and fans will be watching.

“I'm feeling good,” explains Allen, who recently released a new song, “Big in a Small Town.” “You can only do your best. And I feel like as long as you're doing your best, that's really all that matters, honestly. And I'm having fun.”

"Fun" will be the name of the game for Allen throughout his time on DWTS, however long it last. Past contestants, including pals Lauren Alaina and Bobby Bones, have counseled him about enjoying the experience, but also, simply getting on the show was a win in and of itself for Allen.

“It's something I've been wanting to do,” says the “Best Shot” hitmaker, whose professional dance partner will be revealed during Monday’s season premiere. “I've never ballroom danced before, and I'm all about doing something different.”

Allen is often pushing his professional boundaries in a multitude of ways: In 2021 alone, he's served as the executive music producer for the new Netflix series Titletown High and released a picture book, My Voice Is a Trumpet. Still, even he admits that he’s not quite sure how this latest venture will ultimately pan out.

“I don't really know what's good or what's bad,” says Allen, adding with a laugh, “The judges in America might think I'm having problems with everything.

"Two things could happen: I could do good, or I could do bad," he continues. "Either way, I'm going to have fun. I'm going to take me a shot of whiskey and then get out there.”

Allen laughs again, but it’s clear that he’s feeling quite confident. That's due in part to the support of his fans.

“I am lucky to have people that support my music. They show up all the time, and I’m super thankful for each one of them," he says. "No matter what I’m doing or what they have going in their lives, they still find time to support.”

Dancing With the Stars airs on Mondays on ABC at 8PM ET.

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