Jason Aldean's youngest children, Memphis and Navy, have an incredibly strong sibling bond, and their sweet relationship was caught on camera in a recent video shared by their mom, Brittany Aldean.

In the caption, Brittany explains that 4-year-old Memphis was leaving to spend the night with one grandparent, while 3-year-old Navy would go spend the night with another. The two share an adorable goodbye in the clip before going their separate ways.

The video begins with Navy telling her older brother, "I'll miss you, Memphy," to which Memphis replies, "Then I'll call you."

They share a hug and kiss and both say, "I love you." Navy sweetly says she misses "her little brother" as she watches him walk away with his grandparents. Jason and Brittany can also be heard saying goodbye to Memphis and asking their daughter how she's feeling.

"This was their first time ever spending the night away from each other," Brittany explains alongside the post. "After being gone almost two weeks, Mems wanted to go with one grandparent, Navy the other. They are having the best time but the goodbyes were harder than expected."

According to a later post shared by Brittany, the children were soon reunited, spending time together with their "Paw Paw and Abuela." Brittany shared a video of the children and their grandpa having a funeral for a bird.

Memphis and Navy were both conceived via IVF, and Memphis was born first on Dec. 1, 2017. Seven months later, the couple announced they were pregnant again, and Navy entered the world on Feb. 4, 2019. The siblings often hit the road with their mom and superstar dad, and Brittany frequently shares snaps of their adventures at home and on tour.

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