We get it, some people feel that they have to drive when their intoxicated. Some people just won't listen to reason, no matter what you tell them or how you try to help. Once someone has their mind set on something its hard to stop them, especially when they've been drinking. Even after they get into trouble, a few months later you see them doing that same thing that got them into trouble once again.

Rock County Sheriffs office
Rock County Sheriffs office

A Janesville woman did just that according to WIFR.com. Jessica Nottestad, age 42, was accused of driving under the influence while she had two of her children, both under 16, in the car with her. Here's how it went down. Officers were called to around the 200 block of East Russell Road, Jessica's family members were talking to her about how she was acting.

Police caught up with Nottestad as she was getting to her home. She reportedly had her two children in the car with her at the time. She has already had 2 OWI or DUI convictions. Luckily she didn't get into an accident with her children riding with her. This would be her 3rd OWI which becomes a felony in Wisconsin. You know what they say, third times the charm. At this time Nottestad is innocent until proven guilty.

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