It seems like every time there's a budget problem, the taxpayers are stuck fitting the bill. it Looks like we might be pulling out our wallets once again. According to, J.B. Pritzker said that he doesn't plan on pushing pension obligations onto the local municipalities and schools. He says that the state needs a progressive income tax to help with budget problems. He went on to say that Illinoisans will get details of how much they might be paying under the new proposed tax system in the near future.

He is trying to change Illinois from the flat tax system to a new progressive system that charges different rates depending on your income. Pritzker believes that this new system will help with the states economic problems and issues. He also believes that pension debt is the states responsibility and not the school district or municipalities. J.B. Pritzker also said " We're all one state, I'm the governor of the state, so I'm worried about local property taxes just as I am about the state income taxes. I want to make sure we're not overburdening people. As of now, the state is dealing with $134 Billion in unfunded pension liabilities.

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