Another Quad Cities restaurant is closing... to reopen the same but as something new.  Yeah, sounds odd, but there is a good reason the Combine Steakhouse is closing and focusing efforts towards something else.

The good news is that you'll still be able to enjoy the Combine food but you'll just need a large group to get it done.

Combine Steakhouse in East Moline


It was less than a year ago, May 16, 2023, that Combine Steakhouse closed its other locations spinoff "Combine Grill".  This was not a surprise.  From the day that place opened, it had problems.  Service, food, atmosphere, none of it worked.  It was blasted on Google and Yelp reviews and failed quickly.  After one visit there, I knew that place wouldn't last.

However, Combine Steakhouse, which was the first open, was generally a favorable location for people to get a steak or upscale meal in East Moline. The few times I was there service and food were always good.

Located at 910 Bend Blvd the restaurant had hotels, The Rust Belt, and the Bend XPO to help bring people in.  And now, that is what they are going to focus on.

What Is Going In The Spot Where Combine Was Located?

Friends at a Christmas party making a toast at the bar

The building will still host people and serve food and drinks.  But you'll have to bring a big group with you as they've found more success in hosting events.

In a post to Facebook Combine Steakhouse said, "Due to the high demand of event space at The Bend Event Center, we have made the decision to close Combine Steakhouse.  This will allow us to expand our event space."

So you can still go, just be sure you are going with a very large group that will be taking the event space.


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