The rising cost of fast food menu items has become a hot-button topic. The places that we have relied on for years to fill our bellies for $5 or $6 are now charging about double that for the same amount of food. It's gotten to the point where a fast food "value" meal costs about the same as a meal at a "nicer" sit-down restaurant.

Which Fast Food Restaurant is the Most Expensive in America?

Eat This, Not That just released a list of 2024's most expensive fast food restaurants in America, and the results "should" be surprising. I say "should" because throughout the history of fast food restaurants, no one would ever expect McDonald's to be the most expensive - but, that is what it has come to. McDonald's is now the most expensive fast food restaurant in the country, ahead of Five Guys (#2), and Wendy's (#3).

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A Lot Can Change in a Year

In a different article published in April of 2023, Wendy's was listed as the most expensive fast food joint in America. In that same article, McDonald's was still considered to be a budget-friendly option. That certainly doesn't seem to be the case in 2024.

There Are a LOT of McDonald's in Indiana

You're driving down the road in Indiana and you get a hankering for McDonald's. You see the Golden Arches just up ahead, but for some reason - let's just say traffic is insane - you can't get to it. Do not fret, you will most likely find another McD's if you just keep driving for a few minutes. In Indiana, you are never too far from a McDonald's, that's because there are (at the time of this writing) 326 locations in the Hoosier state.

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There are more than 13,500 McDonald's locations in America, which seems like it would be the most of any fast food restaurant, but it's not - and it's not even close. I was shocked to learn that the fast food restaurant with the most locations in America is SUBWAY, with more than 20,500 locations.

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15 Discontinued Fast Food Restaurant Items Kentucky/Indiana Folks Miss Most

Have you ever shown up to your favorite fast-food restaurant to order that one menu item you absolutely love only to find out they no longer serve it? You're not alone.

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