It's very sad to hear about crime in this very popular location for tourists visiting Chicago.

2 People Shot Outside Of Wrigley Field

One of the nicknames for Wrigley Field is the "friendly confines." Usually, I would fully agree with that comment. It's a fun place to watch baseball, check out a concert, or some other event. I normally will attend something at the historic landmark several times throughout the year.

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Chicago has a very serious crime problem. People are getting shot or robbed several times each day. It has become a scary place to go. I have friends who refuse to go into the city because of the criminals.

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I believed Wrigley Field and the Wrigleyville area were fairly safe places to visit. Now, I'll have to think more about those feelings. You don't hear about many of those kinds of problems in that area and hopefully, that's not going to become an issue.

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Shooting In Wrigleyville (LukaTDB)

The good thing is that this shooting didn't happen during a ballgame, concert, or other event. Unlike Guaranteed Rate Stadium where the shooting happened during a Sox game inside the field. Also, it didn't occur during a busy time. The crime happened just after 1 am.

A couple was hanging out just outside of Wrigley Field. I wonder what they were doing there at that time. A SUV drove up to them and the driver rolled down the window. Just then he pulled out a gun and started shooting at the people.

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The two victims were hit in their legs. They were transported to the hospital. Luckily, the injuries were not serious. The police are investigating the event. Hopefully, they'll be able to track down the suspect.

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