If you're looking for a truly one-of-a-kind experience for Halloween, then make plans to visit Wisconsin's very own haunted mini-golf.

So Many Different Ways To Celebrate Halloween In Wisconsin

I remember when I was growing up, Halloween was fun but it wasn't such a big deal as it is today. Back then, you basically celebrated on October 31st and that was it. I would go trick or treating and maybe hit a party. When I was older, I would check out a couple of haunted houses. The holiday has certainly changed a lot since then.

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Nowadays, I rank Halloween right after Christmas. The celebration goes on throughout the whole month of October. Plus, there are so many fun activities for the whole family. Just about any sort of person, place, or thing will feature a Halloween theme. It makes for some very interesting adventures. The latest I found up in Wisconsin has just been added to my "must-try" list.

Haunted Mini Golf In Wisconsin
Haunted Mini Golf In Wisconsin

Haunted Mini Golf For Halloween In Wisconsin

Nine Below is a popular putt-putt course in Milwaukee. For Halloween this year, they are hosting a haunted mini-golf. It sounds like a great way to celebrate the holiday with a fun and scary activity. I think it's the perfect combo.

According to tmj4.com,

This thrilling and eerie experience promises to send shivers down your spine as guests navigate through haunted graveyards, spooky pumpkin patches, and treacherous dungeons, all while putting their way to victory amidst ghoulish traps and hair-raising encounters.


Enjoy delicious spooky cocktails and snacks while conquering the course

For more info, check out ninebelowmke.com.

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