This one-of-a-kind Airbnb experience in Illinois could become an enlightening moment for some visitors.

Old Illinois Church Has Been Converted To Airbnb

I'm a big fan of older buildings and homes. I believe they have more of a personality because many these days are so cookie-cutter. I think old churches are amazing architecture. I've been to a couple that have been converted to music venues. Those were great experiences.

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An old church built in the 1880s in Savanna has been reopened and converted into an Airbnb. Yes, that's right you can rent an old church to spend the night. It's within walking distance of downtown and the Mississippi River.

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There is a loft bedroom that sleeps four people with 1.5 bathrooms. The building still has its old-world charm. You are free to use the sanctuary. The owners will provide complimentary beverages. There's even a piano if you feel like playing a tune or two.

That's not all. The old church named "The Sanctuary" is also available to rent for events and gatherings. There are even some classes taught there too. The venue is rented out for bands to record music and they host live concerts too.

Could you Imagine staying overnight in an old church? First of all, it just kinda creepy me out. It would be pretty hard to have any fun in such a sacred place. I don't think there's a lot of alone time celebrated there.

The Sanctuary Savanna

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