Sometimes you just get a hankering for some BBQ and it can't wait, so you have to know where to eat the good stuff.

Learning To Love BBQ

I wasn't always a big BBQ fan but many years ago I took a trip down to Memphis. I knew that city is famous for its food so I dove right in. I ate BBQ every day I was there for lunch and dinner. It was amazing. I came back to Illinois with a newfound love for BBQ,

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Looking For BBQ In Illinois

When I got home from the vacation, I immediately started looking for BBQ joints in Illinois and more specifically in Rockford. To my surprise, there were a few. They all serve delicious food. I always love sharing that information with others. Everyone needs to enjoy BBQ at some point.

A New BBQ Joint Opening Up In Rockford This Spring
Top Illinois BBQ Restaurants

I wanted to find more places for tasty BBQ in the Rockford area so I put out the question on social media. I was immediately bombarded with more amazing places. There were a few that completely dominated.

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The Top Five BBQ Restaurants In The Rockford Area

Honorable Mention

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