Many residents of Wisconsin love their video games and will do almost anything to get the latest and greatest system.

Video Games Are Very Popular In Wisconsin

It's funny how many people are into video games. It's not just a kid's thing anymore. Fans of all ages enjoy playing them. In fact, you can no longer stereotype gamers. Of course, all the players want the new gaming systems when they are released. They aren't cheap so it's all about saving money so you can afford one. Sometimes, diehard competitors will camp out for days to buy one or even throw out a bunch of cash on eBay to be the first on the block to own it.

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Stolen Xbox In Wisconsin

Gamers will do just about anything to get their hands on the most updated video game system but how far are they willing to go? A couple of kids in Madison wanted one so badly, they decided to break the law. That's so sad and wrong.

Xbox Stolen In Wisconsin

Two Madison boys who are twelve and thirteen broke into a home on their block during the afternoon. They found the Xbox and stole the game. It was during daylight so of course one of the neighbors witnessed the whole incident so they called the police. When the officers arrived, they found the pair just walking through the neighborhood. They searched the friends and discovered the system in a backpack one of them was carrying and then arrested the duo. They are way too young to be doing things like that.

According to, 

Officers were able to match the Xbox gaming console's serial number to packaging located inside the home.


MPD encourages people to write down or have access to the serial numbers of their electronics in case of thefts or burglaries.

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