Is it the weather? Is it the taxes? Is it the pro sports teams? Something is making US DRINK LOTS OF BEER!

When it comes to drinking beer in Illinois, there's not many other states that do it like we do...actually there's only 5 other states that drink MORE beer than Illinois. Now that's worth a change to the state flag.

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When you get all scientific about things and break it down by gallon, Illinois drank 243.4 million gallons of beer in 2022. I think I feel hungover just reading that. VinePair

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Beer trumps wine as the favorite alcoholic beverage across the country, with over 6.4 billion gallons consumed per compared to 931 million gallons of wine, bottoms up!


Here's some info on the gathering of the beer totals and all that science:

This data uses an estimate of average ethanol content of sold or shipped beer into gallons of ethanol (pure alcohol) before calculating per capita consumption estimates. For this data, the alcohol by volume value for beer is 0.045. - VinePair

So here's the beer drinking "Ranking the States: Gallons Overal" Top 10.

1.California - 772.2M

2. Texas

3. Florida

4. Pennsylvania

5. New York

6. Illinois - 243.4M

7. Ohio

8. North Carolina

9. Michigan

10. Georgia - 181.9

America loves its beer, that's extremely obvious. There's over 9000 breweries in the "Good Ole USA."

This video below is made up of only people from Illinois. Actually this is how you are met when you cross the border into this or you can't get in.

Closed Bridge in South Beloit, IL

Here are some fantastic pictures of a bridge that closed in 1995 in S. Beloit, IL. Located on Wheeler Ave., this bridge goes over Turtle Creek yards away from the Illinois/Wisconsin border. @DecayingMidwest

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