Take this dude's video with a GIANT grain of salt...or maybe some salt on the rim of an ice cold, Pabst Blue Ribbon.

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While everyone is entitled to their opinion, and everyone has a podcast or YouTube Channel, that doesn't make them correct.

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While some serious work and research went into this video creation by Nick Johnson. Some of the reasons why you "shouldn't move to these Illinois places" are the standard comments. Businesses closing down, the scent of the town, or a crime...Which last I checked, is everywhere.


Needless to say, this list of 10 Place in Illinois you should never move to...is clever. This comes across as a statewide slam, so if you live in any of these places (cough, cough...number four) don't take it personal.

"A finger pointing to Chicago, Illinois."
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This video introduction (video done back in 2020) goes like this:

"If you haven’t heard the news, Illinois is kind of a sinking ship. A lot of people are leaving this state. In fact, more people left Illinois than any other state in the last decade. Last year alone, 51,029 people left the land of Lincoln, meaning .4% of folks skipped town." - Nick Johnson

I have no doubt that a video like this could be made about EVERY state, but none the less it is pretty entertaining.

Here's the master list:

10. Kankakee

9. Peoria

8. Danville

7. Decatur

6. Chicago Heights

5. Harvey

4. Rockford

3. Cairo

2. East St. Louis

1. Chicago


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