When I think about all the Illinois residents who use Uber each year, I'm not surprised that many items get left behind in the vehicle.

Uber's Lost And Found In Illinois

I really wish Uber was around when I was younger. My friends and I hung out in Chicago most weekends. We were boozing it up pretty good back in those days, so we spent a lot of money on taxis. They were expensive and not very reliable.

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Nowadays, Uber is a much better option to get around if you don't have a vehicle or if you're too impaired to drive. You do everything right from your phone instead of trying to wave one down in a busy city.

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I would guess it's a safe bet to say that the majority of rideshare passengers are preoccupied when jumping into the vehicle. It doesn't surprise me that many of those customers leave personal items behind.

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Of course, Uber tracks all of that data. Over the past couple of years, they have shared a lot of that information with the public. Recently, released a list of the most common items left behind by passengers in Illinois.

9 Most Common Items Left Behind In Illinois Uber Vehicles

1. Clothes

2. Luggage, backpacks, and bags

3. Headphones

4. Wallet and purse

5. Jewelry

6. Cellphone

7. Books and magazines

8. Computers, laptops, and tablets

9. Vapes, cigarettes, and other smoking materials


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