Over the weekend I took a drive over the border into Wisconsin to let the dog run at an outdoor dog park in Beloit. Even being bundled up and having a sweater on the pup, it was still a little cold for a long day of play in the park.

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During the cold winter months, I'll sometimes take the dog to a pet superstore even if I don't need to buy anything just to let her walk around, get some smells, and let her meet fellow lower lifeforms.

If you're up for a short road trip from the Rockford area, some indoor dog play areas give you some shelter from inclement weather. Here are some of our favorites:

Dog Paddle Beach in Loves Park, Illinois

According to their website, Dog Paddle Beach is a member of the Association of Canine Water Therapy, a division of the International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork.

Dog Paddle Beach offers a heated pool 21 feet in diameter and 54 inches deep for your canine companion. "The heated water relaxes muscles and tendons, allowing maximum conditioning with a minimum risk of injury."

Doggy Paddle Aquatic Center for Dogs in Chicago

It's a fitness center for dogs with a swimming pool and indoor play area, located at 1430 W. Willow Street in Wicker Park.

Bosley's Backyard in Chicago

This indoor dog play area is "one-of-a-kind adventure" for dogs and their humans with agility equipment and enrichment toys. Bosley's Backyard is located at 4011 N. Ravenswood Avenue.

Wag-N-Paddle in Naperville, Illinois

Over 9,000 square-feet of climate-controlled indoor play for your pooch at Wag-N-Paddle which also features a swimming pool for dogs located at 1847 West Jefferson Avenue in Naperville.

K9U Chicago

K9U has indoor and outdoor areas for our furbabies with 29,000 square feet of play surface. They also feature play areas based on your dog's skill. K9U is located at 2945 W. Lake Street in Chicago.

Dog Paddle Indoor Pool for Dogs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Open on Thanksgiving Day, you can take your pooch for a swim in Milwaukee at Dog Paddle. Located at 6023 S. Jasper Avenue, Dog Paddle charges $40 for a 30-minute swim, with time to get your dog used to the water.

Zoomies Chicago - Coming Soon!

Called the "Premier" indoor dog park in Chicago, Zoomies planned to open in Summer 2022 but is continuing to get funding and look for the perfect location.

Wag Social in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Coming Soon!

The Boneyard in Madison, Wisconsin

While this isn't indoor, this dog park is also a Biergarten. Have a pint with your pooch at The Boneyard located at 1018 Walsh Road in Madison. Their new winter hours are: 4-8 pm Wed-Thurs, 3-9 pm Fri, 11 am-9 pm Sat, 11 am-6 pm Sun, and closed on Mon-Tues.

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