It is a city violation in Rockford, IL to let your dog poop in your neighbor's yard and not pick it up. This could lead to some financial troubles, if you don't clean up the poo...LibraryMunicode

Do you walk your dog, or does your dog walk you? I know the answer to that one, but the real question is do you clean up after your dog while on the walk? SeidmanLaw There are some serious state and local laws when it comes to walking your dog and cleaning up after them, when they go number two.

Let's start on the state level in Illinois. There isn't a specific state law in Illinois when it comes to picking up after your dog. But the legal wording on it goes like this:

"Aside from it being common sense and common courtesy to pick up your dog’s waste, dog owners could actually face significant fines for failing to pick up after their pets. While there is no statewide law in Illinois that requires dog owners to pick up pet excrement, various municipalities have their own laws regarding this issue." - SeidmanLaw

O.K. so what about locally? Are you serving hard time for not cleaning up after man's best friend after they potty? Is there a fine? Here is the local, Rockford wording:

Sec. 4-61. - Animal defecation prohibited.


No person, being the owner of or having charge of any animal shall permit it to defecate upon any public property, or upon any private property without permission of the property owner.


Any person, being the owner of or having charge of any animal not confined to that person's property shall immediately remove any animal feces deposited on public or private property in violation of subsection (a) of this section.  - LibraryMunicode

If your dog poops, clean it up...or else...or something.

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